Walk to Create a World Free of MS

Quick & Easy Fundraising Tips

  • Matching Gifts Take advantage of your company’s corporate matching gift program. Find out more about matching gifts.  Create a personal matching gift program… tell your sponsors that you will personally match their donation.

  • Personal / Team Page Create a unique personal / team page to email to your friends, family, and co-workers. You will be amazed how fast the money will start rolling in! For more details on Personal / Team Pages and other online tools go to your participant center.

  • Raffle / Auction Ask friends, family members, and local business to donate gifts / items for you to raffle or auction. Some ideas for items are: event tickets, movie tickets, hotel stays, artwork, gift certificates, dinner, and jewelry. You can also be creative… auction yourself to be a friend or family member’s personal assistant or personal chef for the day. 

  • Entertainment Plan an evening of entertainment and charge your friends, family, and co-workers to participate. Some ideas for an evening of fun: karaoke, game night, poker night, movie night or talent show. Don’t be shy ask a local pool hall, restaurant, bar, club, or bowling ally to donate their venue! Be creative, ask talented friends to perform a benefit concert. 

  • Party Plan a fundraising dinner or themed party and charge your friends, family, and co-workers to attend. Spaghetti dinner, BBQ, pizza party, luau, and fiesta are a few ideas to get you thinking! 

  • Sale Host a garage sale, bake sale, used book, movie, and CD sale.  All proceeds from the event can go to the MS Walk.

  • eBay Round up goods and sell them on eBay. Make sure that you note in the item description that you are selling the item to support the National MS Society! Remember that one mans trash is another mans treasure. 

  • Extra Change Jar Place a jar at home, office, or local business and collect loose change. Remember: Every penny counts. 

  • Gifts Ask friends and family to make a donation in honor of your birthday, anniversary, or holiday season instead of buying you a gift.

  • Answering Machine Massage Leave a unique message on your answering machine to let everyone know that you are up to something special. Make it funny, tell them that if they would like a call back they must support you!

  • E-mail Taglines Place a unique tagline at the bottom of your e-mails letting everyone you send a message to know what you’re up to. Include a link to your personal page on so recipients can donate to you immediately. 

  • Personalized Return Address Labels Print personalized return address labels saying support me; visit my personal page to find out how!

  • Get your company involved Talk to the decision maker in your company to plan a dress down day, auction a day off, or company lunch to help you reach your fundraising goal. Most companies are willing to lend a hand to their employees!

  • Sitting Services Offer to baby-sit, house-sit, or pet-sit for your friends and family!

  • Carwash Ask your friends and family for their assistance. Ask a local venue to donate their facility. Make it Fun!

  • Meet the Press See if you can get an article published in your company, church, or temple, newsletter or bulletin. Think BIG! Ask your local newspaper to do a story on you! 

  • Training and Fundraising Updates Send training and fundraising updates to your friends family and co-workers to give them a sense of involvement. These update also serve as a reminder to those who did not donate yet!

  • Ask Everyone You Know Ask your friends, family, co-workers, dentist, doctor, therapist, veterinarian, dry cleaner, insurance agent, hair dresser, mechanic, massage therapist, manicurist, and strangers for a monetary donation of their choice!

  • Delegate Ask 10 friends to ask 10 of their friends and so on, to support your effort!

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